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Indeed it was, as McBeth parked four of Brazos’ first five holes, peppering in a circle’s edge connection on the 294-foot 3rd for good measure. When he canned the day’s second par-4 – the 441-foot 4th, which played as the second most difficult on the course – he knew he was off to the races.

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 · Pierce and Allen traded volleys continuously through Sunday’s round at Evergreen Disc Golf Course, each peppering the course with a mix of seven birdies and two bogeys through the round. Six ties or lead changes became seven on hole 18, when Allen hit a birdie to force a sudden death playoff as the two ended regulation play with 14-under par 171 totals.

And from there Hirschman’s analysis took flight. "People don’t seek out challenges", he went on. "They are apt to take on and plunge into new tasks because of the erroneously presumed absence of a challenge-because the task looks easier and more manageable than it will turn out to be." This was the famous "Hiding Hand" principle-a play on Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand : the.

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