Money Pays The Rent: Debt Colectors Love Foreclosure Deficiency Judgments

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A deficiency judgment is a legal order to pay off a loan balance after foreclosure or repossession. When a lender takes your property and sells it, the sales proceeds pay off your debt and any additional fees related to collection. But if the property does not sell at a price that’s high enough to satisfy the debt, you may still owe money.

This creditor could still pursue a judgment or sell the debt to a collection agency (who could also pursue a judgment). If you received a notice of complaint (a lawsuit filed against you) on a debt that is past what you believe to be the Statute of Limitations, you must still respond to the suit.

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pay debt service on the Bonds could be adversely affected in the event a significant percentage of residential condominium owners fail to pay rent to building management, where such failure is inclusive of related common charges that reflect PILOT and Base Rent apportioned to such condominium units.

Tenants who had to borrow inevitably lost their land. A good money-lender charged only 25% per annum, but rates of 40-80% were more typical with 150% not unknown. These interest payments to the money-lenders on top of all the other debts were the principal cause of the ruin of peasant families.

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But today, critics say, it serves only to make ground rent holders money. "There’s no reason in this day and. firm doesn’t always notify relatives to give them a chance to pay off the debt. Judge.

Right-to-use timeshares only rent. for foreclosure, you get 90 days to pay the past due bill. The lender files for a Notice of Sale to auction off your timeshare rights. After the auction, you no.

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