The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Miami Herald: State Regulators Let Mortgage Crooks Keep Working After Catching Scammers Stealing Homes, Loan Proceeds

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A Houston lawyer named Marc Murr, who’d earlier worked at the same law firm with Morales, had stepped forward after the settlement to claim a $520 million (later $260 million) share of the proceeds, a mystifying claim since participants could not remember Murr doing work on the case or being considered part of the state’s team.

The Pros and Cons of Florida Reverse Mortgage If you’re a senior citizen homeowner who’s at least 62 and who can use additional monthly income or a credit line for expenses such as a new roof, a car or a vacation cruise, a reverse mortgage might.

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The Home equity theft reporter: Miami Herald: State Regulators Let Mortgage Crooks Keep Working After Catching Scammers Stealing Homes, Loan Proceeds By Burgess in Florida FHA Loan News Contents

The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Miami Herald: State Regulators Let Mortgage Crooks Keep Working After Catching Scammers Stealing Homes, Loan Proceeds Related posts What You Need To Know About The Florida Homestead Exemption

Home Equity Theft Reporter. Miami Herald: The bank disagreed.. less than 20 percent of the $295 million in federal money it received three years ago to help people keep their homes. Warrant out after mortgage fraud ringleader fails to show up for prison.