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Subsea Global Solutions is the vessel maintenance and repair diving company of choice for most major equipment manufacturers and ship operators around the world. We are the trusted resource delivering underwater marine construction services globally.

My specialty is underwater marine photography. Clear water and lots of fish make this destination very special; the fish trust that when an underwater.

Can you take a career leap from a home that's underwater? The answer. Who can you trust to give you unbiased advice on a corporate relocation? "You might .

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Google partnered with the XL Catlin Seaview Survey, NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, and the Chagos Conservation Trust to showcase stunning new images from 40 locations around the world,

Welcome to the underwater heritage trust. The object of this registered charity is to preserve underwater man made machines and diving equipment.

 · Meikon underwater camera housing features. A flat port is a big limitation for underwater photography and video ( click here for more on domed port versus flat port). There is a domed wet-port available from Meikon – but this is essentially just a big plastic bubble that sits in front of your lens.

While industry has made strides in developing unmanned platforms that can perform a variety of tasks underwater, more trust is still needed, said Rear Adm. John Tammen, director of undersea warfare at.

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We specialise in underwater, commercial diving, inland and coastal work and offshore), harbour and dock maintenance, salvage, sluice / gate maintenance, structural inspections and repairs, windfarm operations, hydrographical surveys, bridge inspections and pipeline installations.

Written by Sue Timperley, Underwater Wales volunteer and Marine Champion at North Wales Wildlife Trust . Volunteering with the Wildlife Trusts makes a difference for people, providing them with opportunities to learn, to connect with nature, meet new people and make new friends.

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The lost kingdom of Cleopatra, and known as the city of Thonis-Heracleion in the ancient times is the most mysterious discovery from underwater. The reasons for its sinking are still unknown, but it has been lost for about more than 1200 years. 2) Incredible Underwater Photos Show Gap Between Europe And United States Is Widening!